Brush Up On Your Artistic Skills

Brush Up On Your Artistic Skills

Attend a class at Burn Studio to learn from professional artists

If you’ve been looking for an artistic outlet, Burn Studio is the place for you. We provide art instruction and painting classes to art lovers of all skill levels and ages. Classes are held five times a week in our studio and there are always a wide variety of themed classes to choose from! Sign up for one of our classes, including:

• Afterschool arts programs
• Art camps during spring and summer breaks
• Fusion classes for children and parents
• Artistic Escapes classes for adults only—BYOB!
• Traveling for adults and children for painting on location

We provide all of the brushes, canvases and painting materials you’ll need. All you have to do is come to our studio and have a great time putting paint on canvas! Book your spot in a Burn Studio class today.

Art classes that won’t break the bank

Art classes that won’t break the bank

Burn Studio strives to give all art lovers access to instruction and studio time. That’s why we keep our rates affordable and offer a wide variety of class options. Each class costs between $20 and $40 per painter, and classes last up to three hours. You’ll spend quality canvas time in our eclectic studio space and feel inspired by our colorful and fun environment.

We begin each class with a little bit of instruction, and then you’re free to do your thing! Visit Burn Studio or book a studio space by calling our team.